Kolsch before kegging Thursday, Jan 19 2012 

Here is a picture of the Kolsch right before I siphoned it into the keg. What a nice yeast bed! That’s the benefit of using a yeast starter, I took a small taste after putting it on gas and letting the sediment settle, it’s fantastic!



Kolsch is now kegged Friday, Jan 13 2012 

6 days Lagering was enough, besides it will lager while it’s on Co2. Transferred to the keg and put 12 psi of Co2 on it. I will take a taste of it when I return from Iowa next weekend(8 days from now) I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If its as good as I anticipate it to be I am going to enter it into the Bluebonnet competition next month.

It’s Lager Time! Monday, Jan 9 2012 

Transferred the Carboy to the fridge to let the Kolsch Lager for a couple of weeks before I transfer it to the keg. It just seems that lagering produces a nice crisp clean beer. I have high hopes for this brew, I can’t wait to get it on gas and taste it.

Happy Birthday to me! Sunday, Jan 1 2012 

Dec 29 was my birthday so I bought myself a new guitar with my birthday money. Ended up going with a Schecter Omen 6. It was on sale for a great price and I couldn’t pass it up. My friend Tim whom is an amazing guitar player made the suggestion of Schecter or an ESP. I was looking for something inexpensive because I already have an amazing Ibanez hollow body.



Boil Wednesday, Dec 28 2011 

Here is the boil and the chiller right before its all done. So far this was the smoothest brew day I have had yet. Except I forgot to take my gravity reading prior to pitching the yeast. That’s ok, I will just remember next time. Hopefully my final gravity hits the mark.



Mmmmm sweet hot wort Wednesday, Dec 28 2011 

Nice clear wort, almost ready for the boil.



Mash Wednesday, Dec 28 2011 

Here is pictures of the mash, target temp was 151……not bad for a homemade mash tun!



Kolsch Brew Day Wednesday, Dec 28 2011 

Today is brew day for my Full Draw Kolsch, I made a 1.2 liter yeast starter yesterday and I will be using new all glass fermenters. After the last 2 infected batches I am taking no chances and replaced everything and gave existing equipment a good cleaning. Here is a picture of the starter as of this morning.


Family photos Wednesday, Dec 21 2011 

Just had to post up a few photos we had made.



Next Beer has been decided! Tuesday, Dec 20 2011 

I have decided on a Kolsch for my next beer. Something with minimal ingredients so that I can concentrate on the process and really start to improve the quality of my beer. I have melded 2 different recipes to make my own and it sounds delicious. I have also decided to start naming my brews based on my hobby of bow hunting, so this one will be named Full Draw Kolsch. Goofy I know but so are some of the craft brew variants out there such as in heat wheat and various other names.

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