Kolsch before kegging Thursday, Jan 19 2012 

Here is a picture of the Kolsch right before I siphoned it into the keg. What a nice yeast bed! That’s the benefit of using a yeast starter, I took a small taste after putting it on gas and letting the sediment settle, it’s fantastic!



Kolsch is now kegged Friday, Jan 13 2012 

6 days Lagering was enough, besides it will lager while it’s on Co2. Transferred to the keg and put 12 psi of Co2 on it. I will take a taste of it when I return from Iowa next weekend(8 days from now) I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If its as good as I anticipate it to be I am going to enter it into the Bluebonnet competition next month.

It’s Lager Time! Monday, Jan 9 2012 

Transferred the Carboy to the fridge to let the Kolsch Lager for a couple of weeks before I transfer it to the keg. It just seems that lagering produces a nice crisp clean beer. I have high hopes for this brew, I can’t wait to get it on gas and taste it.

Happy Birthday to me! Sunday, Jan 1 2012 

Dec 29 was my birthday so I bought myself a new guitar with my birthday money. Ended up going with a Schecter Omen 6. It was on sale for a great price and I couldn’t pass it up. My friend Tim whom is an amazing guitar player made the suggestion of Schecter or an ESP. I was looking for something inexpensive because I already have an amazing Ibanez hollow body.